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TeleCare® SAFEHOME LockBox

Since speed is a major factor in the outcome of all medical emergencies, SAFEHOME LockBox ensures Medical Services dispatched to help can enter your home as quickly as possible, and without having to break down your door. LockBox provides secured concealment of keys, FOBs or entry codes.

Subscribers of TeleCare® Medical Alerts can provide their LockBox secret code to our monitoring team, who will release this confidential information to emergency services when the situation requires.

Benefits & Features

  • TeleCare® monitoring will only release confidential access code to emergency service as required
  • Ideal protection storage for keys, FOBS and security codes
  • Protective cover prevents damage to rotating code dials from natural elements — snow, rain and dust
  • Dials have clear and good sized numerical digits that are easy to read
  • Strong and durable
  • Easy to commission and reset
  • Fix with shackle on door knob, pipes or railings
  • Dimensions: (8.4 X 11.9 X 4.4) cm

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Easy to Install

The default option for LockBox is a discrete shackle that allows it to be fixed to a doorknob, pipe, or railing.

Easy to Use

Dials are clear and large enough to see under many conditions and the secret code is easy to commission and reset.

Better Together

TeleCare® monitored Medical Alert subscribers can further enhance their service when they provide their LockBox’s secret codes to the monitoring team. The info is kept confidential and will only be released in an emergency. 

UL listed monitoring centre and data servers are securely located here in Canada.

Benefits of TeleCare®

For over 30 years, TeleCare® has specialized in monitored medical alerts and home safety. Our UL listed monitoring centre, with our secured data server, is located in Canada. As a non-profit, all proceeds return to our community to serve the well-being of Canadians.

The TeleCare® promise: Transparent fee, billing and cancellation policies, NO long term contracts or tie-ins, and uncomplicated phone access to Customer Care and Technical Support!

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Dear ladies at Good Samaritan TeleCare; I recently joined your program to ensure the safety of my husband and myself in our home. He was recently discharged from the hospital and rehab centre following a fall at home 6 weeks ago. After being at home for 2 weeks, he had a similar episode of falling in the night while getting out of bed. Six weeks ago, he was at home alone on the floor from 8:00 am until 4:00 pm when we found him. This time the phone rang at 3:00 am to tell me he had fallen out of bed. My son helped him up and returned him to bed. He had 3 more falls on Friday night and my son was able to pick him up. Each fall came with a call to tell us he had fallen, by 10 am a final call came offering to call an ambulance for us. We sent him to hospital on our own. Each caller was kind and supportive offering all kinds of help and follow-up. It was a pleasure to have such helpful service and support in our time of need. I will gladly recommend your program to any senior on their own.

– Ronda