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Let us answer your questions

There are a lot of things to consider when determining the best way to keep yourself, or your loved ones, safe. Please read through our frequently asked questions and don’t hesitate to get in touch through our contact page if you can’t find the information you’re looking for.

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I own a business and my employees are often alone on site, can you help me protect their safety?

Good Samaritan TeleCare® offers Personal Help Buttons and assorted sensors that can be used to monitor individuals in lone-worker situations while providing the security of one-touch access to help.

I recently had surgery, can I use Good Samaritan TeleCare® while I recover?

Absolutely. Good Samaritan TeleCare® can provide service and support calls for recovery patients that are specific to their needs. In most emergent situations, TeleCare services can be installed into a home within 2 business days.

My children are too old for daycare, but I worry about them at home alone, what can Good Samaritan TeleCare® do?

Good Samaritan TeleCare® can provide monitoring and personal alert services with calls set up to come directly to you if there is an issue. You gain peace of mind by knowing your children are monitored while they continue to gain independence.

Can Good Samaritan TeleCare® be installed to monitor an entire supportive living facility?

Good Samaritan TeleCare® services and products are often used for just such a purpose. Whole facility installations can become added-value incentives for residents while providing additional supports and security.

My mother doesn’t have a lot of retirement income, is there a way she can access Good Samaritan TeleCare® services?

In Alberta, Good Samaritan TeleCare® services are provisioned for qualified seniors living at home through Veterans Affairs, The Poppy Fund and Alberta Seniors. Our customer service representatives will be happy to help you determine which program may be applicable for you, or you can visit Alberta Seniors Special Needs Assistance for more information.

Do I have to be a senior to use Good Samaritan TeleCare®?

Good Samaritan TeleCare® is available to everyone! We serve clients of all demographics as the need for safety and security is universal.

Can Good Samaritan TeleCare® provide medication reminders?

Yes, Good Samaritan TeleCare® can provide a wide range of service calls and monitoring services to ensure daily activities are completed. Medication reminders, meal times and many other reminders can be worked into your individualized CareCall package.

What if I can’t speak when I use my Personal Help Button?

Don’t worry, Good Samaritan TeleCare® responds to all alerts and will not stop until we confirm that you’re okay, or you’ve been helped. So even if you can’t speak, you’ll know that help is on the way.

What if I press my button accidentally?

If your Personal Help Button is pressed accidentally our operators are more than happy to hear that you are okay. There is no charge per alarm call and we encourage our clients to press their button monthly for testing.

What areas does Good Samaritan TeleCare® provide services in?

Good Samaritan TeleCare® can be used anyplace in Canada with access to a functioning telephone line or cellular network.


Can cell phones call SECUREGO?

SECUREGO is designed to accept inbound calls from a designated monitoring service. It is not currently designed to accept inbound calls or SMS messages from a personal cell phone.

Is SECUREGO waterproof? Can I wear it in the shower or bath?

SECUREGO comes in a durable highly water-resistant shell that’s splash and rain-resistant. It can sustain immersion in one meter (39 inches) of water for up to 30 minutes. However, it’s not suitable for extended and continuous water submersion. For showering or bathing, we recommend you wear SECUREGO on your lanyard or set it on the edge of the shower or bath area within reach, but not in the direct path of water. SECUREGO is rated IP67.

Can I use SECUREGO outside the home?

Yes! SECUREGO is designed to be mobile and will work wherever there is adequate cellular coverage. Poor cellular coverage may result in the inability to place a call, automatically detect a fall, or properly locate you automatically during an emergency. Check with your monitoring service for known coverage limitations.

Can Good Samaritan TeleCare® be installed to monitor an entire supportive living facility?

Good Samaritan TeleCare® services and products are often used for just such a purpose. Whole facility installations can become added-value incentives for residents while providing additional supports and security.

Do I need to replace the battery in SECUREGO?

No, SECUREGO is equipped with a rechargeable battery. To charge, place SECUREGO in the charger for at least 4 hours.

Does SECUREGO have a speaker or a microphone?

Yes, SECUREGO is equipped with both a speaker and a microphone so that you can speak with your monitoring service directly.

When is my monitoring service available?

Your monitoring service is available 24/7 to answer your calls.

What if I’ve fallen but do not need help?

If SECUREGO makes an emergency call after a fall and you do not need assistance, simply tell your monitoring service that you do not need help.

SECUREGO will also announce how to cancel a call as it is making the call.

Does SECUREGO need to be turned off during a flight?

Yes, because SECUREGO uses cellular service, the FAA requires that it be turned off during taxiing, take-off, landing, and during flight.

How should I wear SECUREGO for best results?

The SECUREGO can be worn around the neck using the lanyard. Ensure that SECUREGO remains close to your chest. Many users tuck the lanyard under their clothing.

If a fall occurs, should I press the button or wait for SECUREGO to detect the fall?

If you are able to, press the button. Otherwise, SECUREGO will automatically call within 30-45 seconds.

Can I change the lanyard?

It is recommended that you use the provided lanyard. The SECUREGO lanyard is designed to get the best results from SECUREGO when worn correctly.

Can more than one person use SECUREGO?

SECUREGO is designed for a single user and adapts to your daily activity patterns. Plus, your personal information will be linked to SECUREGO, so your monitoring service will know it is you when called.

How long does it take to recharge the battery?

From a low charge, it takes approximately 4 hours to recharge SECUREGO.

Will my SECUREGO call for help if I accidentally drop it?

In most situations, the smart fall detection can tell the difference between a drop and a fall, and it will not generate a call. However, if SECUREGO does make a call, simply tell your monitoring service that SECUREGO was dropped and you do not need assistance.

How do I update my information or my emergency contact information?

Contact your monitoring service by pressing the center button and request to update your contact information or that of your emergency contacts.

Or you could call TeleCare at 780-431-3630 or 1-800-676-8397 during office hours: Mon – Fri 8am to 4pm (Mountain Standard Time).

Why will the “low battery” alert go off when I pull the device from the charger?

SECUREGO is designed to trigger an audio alert if your battery is below the 52% charge level. “Charge your personal mobile responder now. Please place your personal mobile responder in the charger now”.

If you charge SECUREGO but it still is below the 52% threshold of battery life, as soon as you pull SECUREGO from the charger you will be presented with a low battery audio alert.


How do I know when to change the battery?

The SECUREHOME Help Button uses a long-lasting lithium battery that does not require charging. The button communicates with the 4200X Console constantly and if it emits a low battery signal, the console will respond by informing the TeleCare customer care team, who will then call you to schedule a battery change.

Can I use it while I’m having a bath?

SECUREHOME Help Button is water resistant IPX7 rated at depth of 1 meter for 30 minutes and designed to be used in the shower or bath.

Does it work when I’m in the backyard?

SECUREHOME Help Button has a range of up to 500 meters (line-of-sight) but has a strong signal range up to 300 meters. Depending on the size of your backyard and the location of the console in your house, it will continue to work.

How much does it cost me every time the help button is pressed or if an alert is triggered?

There are no extra charges whenever the alert is triggered when you press the button whether deliberately or accidentally. In fact, we encourage you to test your button once a month. If you are not testing the button, our customer care team will give you a phone reminder to do so.

What are the cancellation fees?

TeleCare does not charge any cancellation fees. The monthly monitoring fee will stop the same month the equipment is returned to us.


Are there additional charges if I accidentally drop the device and trigger a fall detection?

There are NO additional charges no matter how often you press or accidentally trigger a fall detection and a response from the monitoring centre. Your safety is our only concern, and we will be happy to hear your fall was a false alarm!

Will the device detect a fall when I’m in the backyard?

SECUREHOME Fall Detect has a range of up to 500 meters (line-of-sight) but has a strong signal range up to 300 meters. Depending on the size of your backyard and the location of the console in your house, a fall will be detected as long as you are within the effective range.

When will the device NOT detect a fall?

A fall is detected when there is significant acceleration and a change in positional axis. If you are not feeling well but were able to find support and gently lower yourself down, a fall would not be automatically detected. In this instance, it would be recommended that you press the button and connect to monitoring for help.

Can I wear the fall device on my wrist?

It is not advisable to wear the SECUREHOME Fall Detect on your wrist. Some daily movements such as wringing your wet hands could be mistaken as a fall. While we do not mind calling and finding out that it was a false alarm, it might become an inconvenience or even an annoyance if you had to answer the call several times a day. For best results, we recommend that you wear SECUREHOME as a pendant under your clothing.

What if I’ve fallen but do not need help?

If SECUREHOME Fall Detect makes an emergency call after a fall is detected but you do not need assistance, simply tell your monitoring service that you do not need help when they call over the console.


Can I wear the device in the shower and bath?

SECUREHOME Fall Detect is water resistant IPX7 rated at depth of 1 meter for 30 minutes and designed to be used in the shower or bath.


How many CareCalls can I schedule a day? How can I change the call schedule?

You can schedule up to four (4) CareCalls a day and schedule the calls according to your needs.

To change the schedule, you could inform the CareCall operator when they are on the phone with you, or you could call Good Samaritan TeleCare at 780-431-3630 or 1-800-676-8397 Mon–Fri from 8am–4pm Mountain Standard Time.

I don’t need meal or medication reminders, but want someone to check-in on me. Is this possible?

Absolutely! CareCalls are designed to check-in to ensure your safety. They’re also designed to provide a sense of security and peace of mind for you and those that care for you, knowing the CareCall team is always looking out for you. The reliability and dependability of CareCalls provides great comfort. You can always change the nature of the calls anytime, according to your needs.

Do I need to be a subscriber of TeleCare Medical Alerts to use CareCall service?

No, you don’t have to be a current subscriber to use CareCall service, though current subscribers receive a discount on CareCalls.

Are CareCalls automated? Do I get a call from a machine?

CareCalls are not automated and a real person, not a machine, calls you each and every time.


Where can I place the LockBox?

The LockBox comes with a detachable mounting shackle for easy mounting. It is common for the LockBox to be mounted on a gate, metal pipe or door knob on the exterior of the house or apartment. It is good to check with apartment management regarding any regulations on mounting a LockBox on the door knob.

What if I forget the security code?

It is important that you remember the security code. It is good to share the code with a trusted person in case you forget. If you are a subscriber of TeleCare Medical Alerts, you can provide the security code to our monitoring team and ask for it should you forget. Sharing the security code with the monitoring team allows them to release it to emergency services in an emergency and prevents any delays, and damages, from getting to you.

Can I change the security code?

Yes, the security code can be reset and changed. Instructions for how to change the code are provided in the product package.

Is the LockBox weather resistant?

Yes. The LockBox is designed for exterior usage and is robust and durable. It has a protective cover to prevent the rotating code dial from natural elements such as dirt, dust, rain and snow.


How does it work?

CookStop uses a Motion Sensor to scan for activity in the kitchen while the range is on. As long as motion is detected the range will remain on. CookStop is programmed at the factory to automatically shut off the range if no motion is “seen” in the kitchen during a 5 minute countdown period. This countdown timer setting can be changed using the Secure Key.

How do I use the CookStop?

The CookStop is ready to work as soon as it is installed. To begin cooking, press the green COOK button. It will become a solid green light. You can now turn on your burners or oven. The countdown timer re-sets continually every time motion is detected in the kitchen. The small blue light located next to the COOK and STOP buttons tells you when motion is being detected.

How to return to cooking after the range has been Shut Off?

When you leave the kitchen while cooking and return AFTER the countdown has expired, the stove will have automatically shut OFF. A SOLID RED light with a BLINKING GREEN light tells you the range is OFF. To resume cooking simply press the GREEN COOK button. If you are finished using your stove, simply turn the stove knobs off.

Can the automatic countdown be changed to longer?

Yes, the countdown can be changed by using the Secure Key. The factory default setting is 5 minutes and it is not recommended that it be set for more than 10 minutes.

I bake and cook for extended periods but I don’t want to wait in the kitchen. Can auto time be extended?

The CookStop can be programmed with the Secure Key to allow manual override of the system to accommodate extended periods of cooking. A HOLD option can be programmed to allow cooking for up to 25 minutes at a time without returning to the kitchen. During this override (HOLD) period, you must return to the kitchen at least once every 25 minutes for cooking to continue uninterrupted. After the HOLD period expires, it automatically returns to the 10 minute ‘Safe’ mode.