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TeleCare® SECUREHOME consists of the 4200x Console, a Help Button or Fall Detect Pendant to deliver an easy to use and reliable Home-Based Medical Alert System.

The 4200X Console is connected to a phone line in your home. The Console connects you to the monitoring team and provides direct two-way communication when you trigger an alert. You can trigger an alert by simply pressing the button on your Help Button or Fall Detect Pendant. With the Fall Detect Pendant, an alert is automatically triggered when a fall is detected. This means that with the Fall Pendant the monitoring team is alerted, even when you are unable to, following a fall. Once an alert is triggered, the monitoring team will try and speak to you over the 4200X Console. The team assesses your condition, and send appropriate help your way, even when you are unable to respond.


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A Holistic Home-Based Solution

The complete home-based medical alert system employing the latest technological upgrades


When you need help, nothing will stand in our way. We're prepared for every eventuality. The 4200X Console is FDA compliant, UL 1635, UL 1637.

Personalized Service

Every alert and call for help is answered by a real person. Compassionate and professional, we'll help assess your situation and respond accordingly.

Our Products

TeleCare® SECUREHOME Help Button

The SECUREHOME Help Button connects directly to our caring and highly trained monitoring team who will dispatch the help you need.
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TeleCare® SECUREHOME Fall Detect

The SECUREHOME Fall Detect Pendant connects directly to the monitoring centre automatically when a fall is detected, or when the pendant's button is pressed.
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TeleCare® SECUREHOME 4200X Console

The SECUREHOME 4200X Console provides the option of push button or wearable transmitter (SECUREHOME Help Button or Fall Detect Pendant) triggered emergency assistance that connects you directly to the monitoring centre, even when you can’t.
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