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Everything you need for a SECUREHOME

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Take peace of mind along with SECUREGO

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The right gear to keep a SAFEHOME

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You’ll never have to worry about your connection to emergency services again.  

Good Samaritan TeleCare® has you covered with monitored medical alerts, home safety devices and call support. Rest easier knowing we’re keeping you, and your loved ones, safe.

For over 30 years, TeleCare® has specialized in monitored medical alerts and home safety. Whether you’re young or old, living alone or with others, medically at risk or concerned about the personal safety of yourself or a loved one — Good Samaritan TeleCare® stocks an innovative line of products to make your life safer and easier. Our services are affordable for ALL and guarantee reliable care and around-the-clock protection, each and every day.

The TeleCare® monitoring centre and secure data server are both in Canada, and because we’re a Canadian non-profit, all proceeds continue to serve the well-being of Canadians. What’s more — we’re the only non-profit in Alberta to provide Medical Alert services.


TeleCare® SECUREGO is 4G-LTE cellular-connected technology. This enables two-way communication directly between you and the monitoring team. SECUREGO technology is GPS and mobile network LBS enabled for enhanced location accuracy.

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TeleCare® SAFEHOME devices undergo rigorous testing and have met our stringent standards. We are confident that the devices we offer are reliable and of the highest quality, so that you can use them with full assurance.

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The TeleCare® SECUREHOME Medical Alert system consists of the 4200X Console that is paired with a SECUREHOME Help Button or SECUREHOME Fall Detect button.

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TeleCare® CareCalls

TeleCare® CareCalls provide daily scheduled phone check-ins including meal and appointment reminders, as well as friendly phone calls just to see how you are!

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Good Samaritan TeleCare® is a service provided by the non-profit charity, The Good Samaritan Society.

TeleCare’s service is based on our care and compassion for seniors, the disabled, and those who need assistance in their daily living.

We enable our clients, empowering them to live full, independent lives.

Dear ladies at Good Samaritan TeleCare; I recently joined your program to ensure the safety of my husband and myself in our home. He was recently discharged from the hospital and rehab centre following a fall at home 6 weeks ago. After being at home for 2 weeks, he had a similar episode of falling in the night while getting out of bed. Six weeks ago, he was at home alone on the floor from 8:00 am until 4:00 pm when we found him. This time the phone rang at 3:00 am to tell me he had fallen out of bed. My son helped him up and returned him to bed. He had 3 more falls on Friday night and my son was able to pick him up. Each fall came with a call to tell us he had fallen, by 10 am a final call came offering to call an ambulance for us. We sent him to hospital on our own. Each caller was kind and supportive offering all kinds of help and follow-up. It was a pleasure to have such helpful service and support in our time of need. I will gladly recommend your program to any senior on their own.

– Ronda